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Minutes from Meeting in Jan 2019

Fairtrade Meeting

7.30       on 16 January 2019



1.      Apologies:  Sue, Lyn, Kate, Rosie
Present: Chrissy, Claire, Graham, Margaret, Pat, Pom, Bob

2.      Minutes of last meeting

3.      Christmas 2018:  update on Activities
- gingerbread was made and sold in large quantities! (leftovers were sold at the St George's Christmas Fair the following week.) Useful contribution to funds.
- FT wine used at the Art Exhibition
- FT wine (donated by Southern Co-op) used for Mulled Wine sold at Christmas Lights event
- WI Carols at Lyn's went well – good attendance, mainly people from outside the village

4.      Planning for Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

·         meeting at St Kat's and any follow up
Bob reported on his meeting with Geraldine Maringo at St Kat's – see separate attached notes.  Discussion led to the following other points:
- Claire will see if she can be at the school for at least some of the day
- Bob to liaise with Sue and attempt to get Junieth's presentations as early as possible; Chrissy will follow up with Bristol links for the same purpose.  (Can we get Junieth's email address if she has one for direct contact.)
- once Geraldine has confirmed arrangements ref The Leaf, Bob will invite Don, a rep. From Abbot's Leigh PC and Co-op managers to breakfast and/or lunch;
- Bob to liaise with Sue ref materials for display at St Kat's and get them to Geraldine

·         arrangements for Crockerne
- Chrissy to arrange meeting with June Chivers to discuss detailed arrangements
- if Geraldine can be at the Crockerne day, Chrissy to see if Bath student can be stood down

·         planning for Community Supper:
- liaison with Salvation Army: Pom and Margaret to co-ordinate with Patsy and Sally (standing in for Nick);   7.00 pm start;   attendees to be asked to bring a savoury dish;   bread and butter to be provided
  - advertising
Graham to set up create an event on our Facebook page and link to the Daily Pill;  posters to be made using FT Foundation materials and put up on Parish notice boards (Bob);  Church notice boards (Margaret to liaise with Mary Thomas), selected telegraph poles, Co-ops, Libraries,Graham to invite businesses;  invitations to be printed as last year and given out at Community Market (Pom and Bob);  Community cafe (Chrissy);  Lyn to liaise with Pat for Portishead for adverts/invites to the WI, Oxfam, Lido cafe, Churches
–  Display at supper ref this year's theme:  Cocoa with the slogan “She deserves a living income”; Bob to ask Jill ref a display by SPAD

·         accommodation for Junieth
Claire will investigate the possibility of providing this

·         possible support from Top Co-op
Graham to arrange samples via central stores

·         Banners:  Graham to put up at Crockerne;  Pom and Bob at Cricket Club and Salvation Army (if agreed)


5.      Planning for 2020 – our 10th anniversary as a Fairtrade Community:  defer to next full
                     meeting but noted that Geraldine is keen to pursue FT accreditation for St Kat's.

6.      Brief meeting in week before FT Fortnight starts? 
                    Agreed that we will try to finalise by email but fix a meeting if needed

7.      AOB:
                    -  annual visit to The Leaf?   agreed to do this:  Pom to approach Bev at St Kat's to
                     book:  preferably the second      Thursday of FT Fortnight but use 1st Thursday if need
                     be;  also ask Paul Mingo-West  ref FT signature dish
                    - all sent their best wishes to Sue.

8.      Date of next meeting:  review after FT Fortnight.






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