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Minutes from Meeting in Nov 2018

Notes from  Fairtrade Group Meeting on November 14th at the Langtons home

Present; Lyn, Graham, Rosie, Pom, Bob, Chrissy, Sue, Pat and Margaret.

1 Notes of last meeting and any matters arising not elsewhere on agenda

·         Contact with WI and practicalities

This seems to be in hand with the WI taking on the hot chocolate serving etc. We will hope to have some small flyers to hand out re Junieth’s visit and the community supper .All Fairtrade group members are very welcome to this event! DEC 19th 7p.m. at Lyn’s.

·         Feedback from Bristol social event

Pom and Sue had been to this and heard mainly about plans to manage the closure of Traidcraft with the provision of a Bristol directory of Fairtrade suppliers.

2. Community Market stall; November 24th.10 -12

·         Pom  Margaret  Lyn and Chrissy all going to bake gingerbreads. If there are some over, then they can be sold at other Christmas events and at the Carols at Lyns. All proceeds will go towards BLINC’s Producer visit. Pom will source paper bags. Sue has passed on float sugar and posters. Chrissy will make a large poster giving date of Community supper. We will distribute more flyers at January market.

3. Fairtrade Fortnight and Junieth’s visit

·         Schools update; Much angst over need to change dates. Sue and Chrissy will ask Crockerne if a change is possible to 26/2/19 and Bob will try to move St Kaths to 27/2/19. Sue has emailed Nick at SA but no news yet from him re venue availability. We will write a letter to BLINC after the event.

·         Format will be as last year with Bring and Share food.

·         Portishead supporters will advertise event and support at a practical level.

4. AOB We began to think about how Fairtrade could start to develop in Portishead over the next year. This FT Fortnight will be one of supporting Pill and getting the word out there in Portishead. We thought that with the mix of supermarkets, churches, and groups in the town this would give a really good base for starting to take action.

4. Date of next meeting; OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON JANUARY 16th AT 7.30p.m AT THE LANGTONS.At this meeting we will need to finalise arrangements for Fairtrade Fortnight in every respect so please put the date in your new diary NOW!!

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