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Fairtrade renewal until 2020

Dear Sue,

 Congratulations to you and your group for successfully renewing Fairtrade 2018 status for Pill, Easton on Gordano and Ham Green.  Please find the feedback letter attached and a press release template. We have also posted your new Fairtrade 2018 renewal certificate and the feedback letter.

 It has been a huge pleasure to learn of all that has happened since you were last renewed Fairtrade status. Please pass on our congratulations and thanks to everyone who has put so much time, energy and creativity into making Fairtrade a part of the area.

Your next renewal will be due in two years, on 29/01/2020.

 Best wishes,

 Carmen Hall


Dear Sue,


Congratulations to you and your group for successfully renewing Fairtrade renewal status for Pill, Easton in Gordano and Ham Green. Please find enclosed your new Fairtrade Village renewal certificate. 


We have enjoyed hearing about everything that you have achieved since your town last renewed Fairtrade status. It is clear that a lot of time and energy has been put in to make Fairtrade a part of the community, so we would like to pass on our congratulations and say thank you to everyone who has been involved.


In general it is clear that you have run a focused, and all-round campaign these past two years. We were particularly interested in hearing about your approach to local businesses, including your reception for local businesses in 2017, your gain of Sharps Business Systems as a supporting employer, and your encouragement to two local businesses to enter the South West Fairtrade Business Awards in 2018. 


It was also impressive to hear of all the small changes you want to make in the community, such as asking Fairtrade businesses to provide Fairtrade refreshments for staff, and encourage local community groups to use Fairtrade products wherever possible. As well as this it is clear that you look after your relationships, such as your Post Office order point for Traidcraft products, and using the Pill Paper for local publicity. All these small actions form a successful, wide-spread campaign like yours.


It was also fantastic to hear about your Producer visit for 2018. You are already rightly viewing it as a unique publicity opportunity for your campaign and involving the press and making a report on the visit are great ideas. It is a real testament to your great campaigning skills and your links with the community that we can already see how you are involving different groups in the community with the producer visit, such as SPAD, local businesses, schools, Parishes, the local WI.


Looking to the future, your steering group have worked so efficiently and well together for a long time but it is also positive that you have tried to recruit new members. We appreciate that it can be a struggle to expand steering group membership in smaller communities and that many people are part of other local groups. However, we have found that newly retired friends and colleagues, and young people who are looking to improve skills and their CV’s often need persuading the least. Some groups have also found that asking people to act as officers for a specific set of tasks, for example, as an officer responsible for social media, is a successful approach. You could also ask people to help with one-off tasks on an ad hoc basis. Enjoyable participation in smaller tasks could lead people to support Fairtrade in Pill, Easton in Gordano and Ham Green in a more frequent fashion. Hopefully this could ease some pressure off you too and enable you all to continue with your fantastic campaigning.


Overleaf we have included some web links which may provide useful information for your campaign, however if you have any more specific questions or anything that you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The next renewal will be due on 29 January 2020, when we will invite you to reflect on this action plan, and develop your objectives and plans for the following two years.


We hope you enjoy your producer visit in 2018, and all that is to come in the next two years. Congratulations again and best wishes with your continued campaigning!

Chrysi Dimaki

Communities Campaigns Officer


Fairtrade Towns – current campaigns and useful links


Fairtrade Fortnight 2018


'For hundreds of years we were taught to serve, to be workers. Now with Fairtrade, we are entrepreneurs'. These are the words of Marcial Quintero, a banana producer from Panama when describing how selling on Fairtrade terms has opened doors for Marcial and his fellow cooperative members to transform their community. Sadly, Marcial is still the exception, not the rule. The majority of farmers and workers around the world who work hard to feed us too often don't earn enough to provide for their own families. Come on in this Fairtrade Fortnight, and stand with hard-working producers like Marcial to close the door on exploitation. Join us opening more doors to Fairtrade, by inviting people to 'Come on in to Fairtrade' - to see the difference choosing Fairtrade makes, and what exploitation looks like when trade isn't fair. Visit our Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 page to get involved. You'll find more from Marcial, ideas and inspiration for inviting people in to Fairtrade, resources and materials.


Working with schools and young people

Young people are not only the consumers and decision makers of the future, but a fantastic way to share the Fairtrade message across the community if you can work them in to your events and activities. We’ve collected some ideas and advice in this Fairtrade Towns guide to working with Schools – and you’ll find lots more resources and activities on the Fairtrade Schools website:



The resource library is live! Email if there are any specific resources that you require. Alternatively, you may prefer to start from scratch and create your own, however please be aware that there are various guidelines to follow, and an approval process when using the FAIRTRADE Mark in your design. More information is available online. There is also a range of materials and merchandise available from:


Using social and local media

Social media can be a very effective way of getting your message out to the community. It’s all part of achieving Goal 4 – gaining media coverage and holding events to raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade in your area. Our media guide, radio tips and social media guide will give you ideas on using social media and other publicity opportunities. We also have some useful press releases available to download on the website.


Stay in touch

Are you in touch with all the latest Fairtrade news? The monthly Fairtrade Towns newsletters are crucial for any Fairtrade activist and you can sign up online. Keep an eye on for the regularly updated news blog containing opinions and analysis of a whole range of issues relating to Fairtrade.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter too at and - you can recycle posts for communicating with your own supporters locally. 


Public liability insurance for events

Fairtrade Town groups are often required to hold public liability insurance for their activities, which is available from most insurance brokers or through a specialist service offered by CaSE Insurance. The CaSE Insurance scheme provides £5m of public liability cover and is subsidised by the Fairtrade Foundation.

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Fairtrade means farmers in developing countries get a fair deal.

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