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Minutes from Meeting in April 2018


PRESENT; Margaret, Pom, Lyn, Kate and Sue

APOLOGIES; Bob, Graham,  Chrissy and Clair Sepulveda

1 Notes of last meeting. Matters Arising.

We reviewed the notes of our January Meeting and note that we need to talk again with the WI nearer to Christmas to ask them to manage the hot drinks this year. Lyn hopes that we will still come to the event in support; we have plenty of hot choc and cups left over from last time.

2. Review of Fairtrade Fortnight.

Thanks to Chrissy for her written feedback which we found very constructive. Feedback to BLINC and Bath Uni will be given in the context of the whole event.

Overall we were pleased with what happened; the following are points for next time or future events.

  • Not much support for the theme this year but we didn’t feel it stopped us doing what we planned! Maybe it had more use for large national events.
  • We asked ourselves….”How can we get more and younger people involved in the village based events?”

Ideas were;

1.       Ask the school to work with us so that children and students present something at a FTF event in 2019 thus drawing in parents

2.       Work more closely with another group e.g.SPAD ? Pom and Bob?

3.       Do something in schools prior to FTF to build momentum, and visit schools in Autumn to set up plans for FTF 19, involving students in the planning  Bob and Sue

4.       Hold something public at another time of the year, perhaps a Café in the precinct alongside a summer SPAD event. Sue to talk to Jill but all of us could be involved

5.       Maybe something at Pill Rag. Not much enthusiasm to organise something from those present, but would Graham or Chrissy like to do something which we others could support?

6.       Continue to keep our website details up to date. Graham could you please update our page on Fairtrade South West site?

7.       Keep Lou Dixey’s idea of an art show in 2020 well in mind, and maybe ask her if she would do a preliminary art something in 2019 ?Lyn

8.       Remember Kate has a loyal customer base of Traidcraft customers who could be asked specifically to events or to support.Kate

9.       Think about buying at least one more banner. Pom

10.   Ensure our Fairtrade Village status is in PC website and included in Parish Plan. Bob

11.   Get our stickers into as many places and cars as poss! All of us They are in every Parish Notice Board now, but could be in churches, schools, shops. Pom and Kate have a stock so please all try! Suggested donation of £1.

·         Sue reported that contact with Sharps had run dry and she is not sure why. She will follow this up.

·         On the Bristol Fairtrade Network site there are volunteering opportunities. The one nearest to us would be at Avonmouth Depot of Co-op or the Bridge Visitor Centre. Details at

Kate thinks several local people work at the depot which has over 800 employees, so we might make local contact as well as helping generally. Sue will find out more. That website also has details of the exhibition about Fairtrade Gold in the New Room café, and the get together for Bristol Fairtrade supporters in the early summer. Maybe by meeting a wider group of supporters we would get new ideas.


·         At the Annual Parish Meeting Sue mentioned that in 2020 we will be 10 years as a Fairtrade Village.

How do we want to celebrate?

Can we add to the village FT sign opposite the Kings Head?

Could we use the slogan “2020 Vision” suggested by Margaret?

How about a sporty event using Bala footballs?


Ideas please for our next meeting which is on September 19th at 7.30 at Kate’s home. Thanks to everyone for fantastic support throughout the year.











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