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Posted by WiltshireFAIRTRADE
Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 campaign announced

Mark these dates Monday 26th Feb - Sunday  11th Mar 2018 the FT Foundation campaign 'come on in', attached is the link to the Foundation campign pages where a pdf copy of the campaign overview is available...if you are planning to do something in Wiltshire for Fairtrade Fortnight please do let any of the WiltshireFAIRTRADE contacts know...their details are on the WiltshireFAIRTRADE home page:

How do I invite people to 'come on in' to Fairtrade?
It's up to you! From breakfasts to banquets, bake-offs to business awards, every Fairtrade Fortnight communities across the UK use their creativity, connections and local knowledge (not to mention effort!) to open more doors to Fairtrade.

Check out the Fairtrade Fortnight Action Guide for a sneak peak of what's on the way, this powerpoint presentation with further ideas and details to kick start planning with your group. We'd love to know what you have planned, drop us a line as we will be sharing ideas on this page in the build up to Fairtrade Fortnight, so that you can see what others are up to. We'd love to hear what you have planned too, please let us know.

We are busy preparing a range of tools and ideas to help you invite people in to Fairtrade, including the usual suite of resources and event packs, plus some exciting new films, online tools and powerful stories from producers at the front-line of Fairtrade.

In the meantime, hear more from Marcial about how he and fellow members of Coobana, Panama have caused a 'mega-revolution' in their lives with Fairtrade.

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What is Fairtrade?
Fairtrade means farmers in developing countries get a fair deal.

Fairtrade events
Fashion shows too food tasting - find out what's on near you now. More...