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Minutes from meeting on 09 Oct 2017

~~Notes of Fairtrade Group Meeting held on 9/10/17
Present; Graham, Lyn, Margaret, Kate, Pom and Sue.
1 Follow up to last meeting;
• Sue will now follow up with Sylvia Ford re possible WI talk
• Between us we now know of the following groups using FT refreshments
Mens Breakfast
Millers Close
Resource Centre
Retired Mens Group
Christmas Lights
Art Show (Lyn to ask them to arrange this themselves like the Lights )
Café Church
Community Market
? Community Cafe
• Graham has given us a presence on Facebook and the S. West FT website.
• Graham has drafted a letter for all businesses. Sue will provide one or two details before it is sent out.
• Sue has contacted Crockerne and St Kaths. No replies yet.
• Graham has been in touch with Thornbury FT group.
• We will reapply for status in the old way; i.e. emailing a form plus evidence. Sue to progress
2. Renewal; We will do this via  form and e-mail that in. Sue will prepare it and then send round for comment. If we move on this we should have it before FT Fortnight which should be good.
3. Christmas;
Art Show. Lyn to encourage this group to organise the FT wine themselves via top Co-op.
Lights; they will do FT mulled wine again.
WI; Lyn will host Carols in her garden with the Owls and WI on DECEMBER 21st early evening. We will serve FT hot choc and biscuits.We will do joint publicity.
Christian Aid Sale Nov 18th; Kate will have a Traidcraft stall.
4. Sainsbury We agreed to download template letter for Don’t Ditch Fairtrade site , to send or take to Portishead Sainsbury on Oct 28th if poss, or on another day. Address to Store manager.
5.FTF 18. Theme Come on in to Fairtrade.
Pom and Sue fed back from Conference and showed sample publicity materials.It was a ver [positive experience with the Sainsbury situation seeming to have revitalised supporters.
We agreed that we would try to have a producer visit during the Fortnight which is
Feb 26th – 11th March
We agreed to put in an application to Community Forum for £200- £250 to cover the costs of the visit. Chrissy will do this.We will provide overnight hospitality and meals.
Sue will liaise with organisers and once we have the money we can approach local schools to ask them to host the producer at an assembly or for a lesson.
Kate and Margaret agreed to talk to Churches Together about hosting a Community Supper during the stay.
Pom agreed to try and find out cost of producing car stickers to give out.
Sharps. Once we know the visit can go ahead, then we will talk with Sharps about helping to promote a Virtual tour of Panama Banana Growing using 3D.
We hope to work more closely with SPAD during the Fortnight.
Our next meeting will be on January 8th 2018 at to prepare for FTF.

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