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Posted by WiltshireFAIRTRADE
The SW Region FT Business awards are back - early notice and requests for help

Please get in touch with Danni Rochman at Bristol Fairtrade email at for further information.

Next Fairtrade Fortnight 2018, Bristol Fairtrade Network is planning to continue its tradition of hosting the South West Fairtrade Business Awards on Friday 9th March 2018.

The coordinator role in Bristol sadly no longer includes funding to coordinate for the whole of the South West, however with so many brilliant businesses from all around the South West involved, we think it would be a terrible shame if the awards shifted their focus away from the south west region as a whole.

The awards already generate a great deal of publicity for Fairtrade in the region, and are looked to internationally as an example of what Fairtrade Towns can do to highlight Fair Trade in their region and engage the business community, as well as universities and individual advocates. We’re lucky enough to have the support of the Destination… team who run tourism and business engagement campaigns across the South West.

Bristol Fairtrade would like to continue to host the awards on behalf of the South West, continuing while possible to fund and arrange the event and administrate the application process. In fact, we’d really like to increase the impact and reach of the awards, but we need the support of the brilliant network of Fair Trade campaign groups around us to be able to achieve this. Can you help us by:

  -          Engaging local businesses to enter the awards? Our award website sits at We’re working on new website content fresh for next year’s awards, which will be live when the applications open on 1st November, but you can still use the existing website to direct businesses to for information in the meantime. As an example, Bristol Fairtrade are hosting a FT Business Breakfast in late November, designed to be a workshop for businesses to help them source and promote Fairtrade, and to engage them with the awards application process.

-          Promoting the awards in your area? Helping to raise the profile of the awards, and highlighting local businesses who have entered (and afterwards promoting local businesses who have won!).

-          Suggesting a speaker? Can you suggest a high profile speaker from your area who might like to speak at the ceremony? The theme this year is South West Fairtrade Leaders, so speakers who can talk about the value of Fairtrade in local business, in local policy etc. and whose names resonate across the South West would be gladly considered.

-          Joining the judging panel? We’re looking for one or two judges to join the judging panel, particularly with expertise in retail or catering, but a general connection to Fairtrade is fine. It takes about half a day and can be done remotely.  We’d love to have representation on the panel from outside Bristol.

-          Joining us on the day! The event takes place on Friday 9th March at 11am, central Bristol venue TBC. I know this is a bit of a trek for many of you, but we would love to meet you and have you there to support South West Businesses. Perhaps you can arrange a convoy with businesses who have entered the awards.

To be kept up to date on the latest developments with the awards, respond to any of these rallying cries for support, or to ask any questions at all, please get in touch with me – Danni – at

 Thanks so much for your support,

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