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Posted by Trowbridge
New Trowbridge Fairtrade postcard

Put Trowbridge Fairtrade Town on the world

The Trowbridge Fairtrade group is pleased to announce its latest promotion, that of a Fairtrade postcard, just like any other tourist postcard accept this one proudly shows off the link between Trowbridge Fairtrade and Trowbridge the historic Mill Town and County Town of Wiltshire.

Get your copies from:

- the Trowbridge Information Centre TIC based at the Civic Centre adjacent to the Town Park [St Stephens Place]

- Trowbridge Museum

- Fairtrade stalls that are held at most public events in the Town ...look out for us.

The Group's special thanks go to Keven Hartley for doing the Art work and Lamming Printers for the layout and printing. The image shows Kevin proudly holding up the new post cards at the recent Sainsburys event.

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Fairtrade means farmers in developing countries get a fair deal.

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