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Posted by Trowbridge
Balls to Fairtrade!!! - schools event 15th July announced

The Trowbridge Fairtrade group is pleased to announce its association with a School's Ball game festival using Fairtrade Balls purchased through BALA sports balls based in Glasgow.The festival is closed to schools and is planned for 15th July at Clarendon this page and local newspapers for news from the event.

The Town Group initially had the idea to promote Fairtrade footballs in Sept15, this led to interest of local schools, and the Trowbridge Youth Parliament [representatives from 22 schools across Trowbridge area] who have adopted Fairtrade as their theme for the current academic year.

Importantly as well, the event is being used to gain feedback from the young people age 8-12 on how they believe Fairtrade should be promoted, it is hoped to publish the outcome from teh feedback exercise in early again watch this page.

The balls were purchased through thew schools and the loacl Collaborative Schools is estimated that by the end of the school year approx. 70 balls would have been purchased since the promotional event last year which is a great result for promoting Fairtrade balls..

See full story link below for more info on the Collaborative Schools link

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