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Posted by WiltshireFAIRTRADE
Wiltshire FAIRTRADE draft Constitution published ver.April

The Wiltshire FAIRTRADE County group is pleased to publish its first draft Constitution ahead of the AGM [Inauguarl] being planned for the summer of 2016. It is accepted that not everyone will be able to attend which is why we are publishing the draft now to enlist feedback. Any comments you have please to who will take you comments along to the AGM. Please be advised that notice for the AGM will be published on this web page. If you wish to be a notifies member contact, please advise your details to

By way of extract from the draft constitution, out main 'draft' strategy and objectives are:

Group vision and purpose:
The ‘Wiltshire FAIRTRADE’ group shall energetically promote and educate the Fairtrade ethos through its partnership with the Local Authority and the County’s network of Fairtrade groups, Fairtrade trading bodies, emergent groups and individuals, establishing Fairtrade marked products as first choice…..

To achieve its purpose the Group will focus on the following key objectives, which are to:
1. maintain an overarching Fairtrade organisation in the County, which is active and current, which manages, provides for and receives resources through County level co-ordination
2. maintain County wide networks and acknowledge benefits achieved through mutual support for all interested parties, existing and developing groups or individual
3. partner with Local Authority support working towards core and sustainable Fairtrade strategic outcomes through identifying common areas of strategy
4. encourage a supported network structure for the Group using resources from the existing Fairtrade accredited and aspiring groups, trade organisations and other groups that support the Fairtrade ethos
5. target Fairtrade exposure by maintaining network of  50% of County’s population who will live in Fairtrade towns, villages or other agreed Fairtrade areas
6. develop, implement and review action plans for Fairtrade development in Wiltshire in line with National Fairtrade Foundation strategy and targets
7. educate and promote the Fairtrade ethos and Fairtrade products within Wiltshire’s communities, schools, workplaces, Councils and churches
8. raise public awareness of the FAIRTRADE Mark through media and events
9. encourage workplaces, schools, Councils churches and individuals to work to promote and use Fairtrade products and celebrate success

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