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National Campaigners Committee Report

NCC Bullets: Meeting 21st April 2015

• Role of campaigners: We had a wide-reaching discussion about the role and relevance of campaigners, and the differences between ‘campaigners’ and ‘supporters’.
• Review of Fairtrade Fortnight 2015: We discussed the frustrations for campaigners arising from the late delivery of materials and the limited availability of some resources on the new website. As a result some resources were wasted. We stressed the need for a clear uniting action and theme in future, for earlier notification of theme/resource availability and delivery, and provided the Foundation with a suggested generic resources list. From a commercial point of view it was a successful Fortnight with a lot of engagement by licensees especially on social media and offers to consumers.
• Fairtrade Fortnight 2016: 29th Feb – 13th March and the focus will be on impact of Fairtrade, most probably around providing food security. There are opportunities to tie in to Mothering Sunday (6th March), International Women’s Day (8th March) and we discussed linking with Women’s Institute and Soroptomists.
• Sugar: Mobilisation of campaigners was considered successful with 75,000 campaigner actions (11.5k people) writing to MEP’s. Linda McAvan MEP and Paul Brannan MEP are taking up the issue with the EU Commissioner.
• Gold: While campaigners are supportive of Fairtrade gold, there has been limited resource to support a dedicated campaign. Fairtrade gold is available from one national chain  (Beaverbrooks) and some artisanal jewellers. We discussed the possibility of campaigners attending Wedding Fayres.
• De-listing of Fairtrade products: The NCC continues to discuss how we might have better information about de-listings and how we might take action to hold companies to account and/or congratulate/celebrate those who continue to support Fairtrade. Social media may be a good mechanism for campaigners.
• General Election: Campaigners will be asked to write/visit newly elected MP’s in June about the SDGs.
• Make Food Fair: The next stage of this will be a campaign around the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Autumn.
• Impact in your Inbox: The NCC is being circulated resources about the impact of Fairtrade and can forward to interested campaigners. 
• Fashion Revolution: Fairtrade groups were encouraged to engage with this, especially via social media
• Faiths Work: The Foundation will be undertaking a consultation later this year to take this forward. There is currently no dedicated officer at the Foundation.
• Commercial Relations: The NCC met with the new Director. He spoke of the how positive the companies he has met with are about Fairtrade but that there is a strong focus on local sourcing, especially the Red Tractor campaign We discussed the different labels (eg Rainforest Alliance/UTZ) and said it would be helpful to have more information about them.
National Supporter Conference 2015: Tentative date is 17th October, in London.
Regional Fairtrade Supporter Conferences: Wales TBC (postal vote possible for election of NCC rep.), Ireland TBC, , Yorkshire 19th September, West Midlands (in Birmingham) 26th September, South East (in London) 5th September.
International Fairtrade Towns Conference Bristol 2015: 4/5th July NCC members and campaigners encouraged to book a place – 1st come, 1st served.

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