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Posted by Bradford on Avon
Sainsbury's Successes

We had a stall to encourage shoppers to THINK FAIRTRADE when doing their Christmas shopping, which is easy at Sainsbury's where all the own-brand bananas, tea, coffee and sugar are totally Fairtrade  and there are new products like cashew nuts from Mozambique and India. A lot of people we talked to are already committed to buying Fairtrade and several said they shop at Sainsbury's for that reason.

A success for us in encouraging shoppers and spreading the word, and a success for Sainsbury's in showing the value of becoming the world's largest Fairtrade retailer by volume of sales.  More success: one of our group wrote to managing director Justin King to express the hope they will continue to work with banana producers in St Lucia following the disastrous hurricane which recently hit the island, and Justin sent the following reply:
'When we made our commitment to be 100% Fairtrade bananas back in August 2007, that commitment was 100% and long term. Of course the effects of hurricanes can be devastating and may indeed lead to disruptions to supply, but of course our first objective will remain 100% Fairtrade and we will do what we can to help restore production in the Windward Islands, should that be necessary.'

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