South West Fairtrade

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We all know there's more to Fairtrade than just bananas and coffee! But what does "more" mean?
What follows is by no means a detailed explanation into the whole Fairtrade philosophy and how it works, but if you do want more details, please visit the main Fairtrade website at:
Support for local farmers is in no way at odds with supporting Fairtrade. Most Fairtrade goods - tropical fruits, tea, coffee, cotton etc - cannot be grown locally due to climate conditions. For other items such as honey, local supply may only meet one-third of local demand.

Why is there no Fairtrade for UK farmers?
Fairtrade only operates in the poorest countries because it was set up as a tool for people to lift themselves out of poverty and to overcome the unfair trade rules that have existed between rich and poor countries for centuries.
Export agriculture plays a critical role in poverty reduction. Fairtrade exports also enable families to stay in their rural communities rather than migrate to the cities in search of work.

What about Food miles and global warming?
Using Food Miles as a measure of environmental impact is not accurate. Most Fairtrade goods are shipped whereas 'locally' grown produce may be transported by road or air and end up with a higher carbon footprint than goods from abroad.

Use your consumer power to make a difference by supporting both local AND Fairtrade producers.