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Co-ordinator: Colette Som

Local News

~~Calne Community Hub Fairtrade Fortnight event

Stick with Foncho Petition
around 30 people signed on line and 40 postcards with postal petition were given to passers-by and those who didn't want to go online.
60 Banana campaign leaflets were given to passers by some of whom we hope will go online at home and complete the petition once they've read the information. Leaflets were also given to those who signed the petition online in the hub, if they wanted more information. We also gave away about 60 "What is Fairtrade" leaflets for those who needed that information.
Fairtraders Working Together
Adrienne and Caroline sold £18 worth of Traidcraft goods from the stall and took donations of £3.85. Colette sold £5.65 Traidcraft and £2 Shopping Trolley Tokens for the fairtrade group and received £1.50 in donations to Traidcraft Exchange. 25 people took part in the Chocolate Tasting at the fountain and 12 bars of Green and Blacks tasting kit chocolate were given away as well as the whole tray of Fairtrade Bananas from Sainsburys.
Banana wo/men
Thanks go to Penny, David, JR and Soryann for doing a stint each so that Colette didn't have to wear the costume all day! An hour is quite long enough and kept the welcome chipper for inviting people to sign the petition! I think it really worked well having the banana outside and it was such a lovely sunny day we got great photos of you all!

Local Events
Fairtrade Fortnight in Calne
Posted: 28/02/2014