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Co-ordinator: Charolotte Mackenzie

Local News

Truro became a Fairtrade city in January 2007.

We organise and participate in Fairtrade events and maintain a directory of Truro shops and cafes which sell Fairtrade items.

Many local shops and cafes sell Fairtrade products. And many local schools and churches also support Fairtrade. 

When we completed the most recent survey to update this guide we were impressed by how many people in Truro ‘get’ Fairtrade and support a fair deal for producers everywhere.

Charlotte MacKenzie, chair of Fairtrade Truro, says: “It’s brilliant that so many people, businesses – from market stalls to supermarkets - schools, shops and cafes in Truro understand the importance of producers getting a fair deal and support Fairtrade. As well as the traditional coffee, chocolate and wine, there is a huge range of Fairtrade items available in Truro: clothing, timber, and toiletries as well as groceries.”

Please contact us if you live in Truro and would like to know more.

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Photo shows Fairtrade producer speaking at Truro town hall.

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