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Co-ordinator: John Rohrbeck

Local News

Great news

For  the people of Painswick when they received a certificate confirming that the town would retain its Fairtrade status for the next two years.

The certificate was presented to the Town Council on October 17, 2012.
The photo shows our local pharmacy owner, Mike Powis, displaying the renewal certificate for Painswick.  While an independent shop, Mike stocks a wide variety of Fairtrade products, which had previously been sold in the two local churches. Mike undertook to start stocking a wide variety of items, which have been popular for many in the town.
Our local Best One shop also stocks Fairtrade coffee and tea as well as a wide selection of Green and Black’s organic chocolate bars. Our local delicatessen Oliva’s serves Fairtrade coffee and bakes us Fairtrade cakes for special events, iced with the Fairtrade logo. 
We are fortunate to have a number of B&B’s who also serve Fairtrade hot drinks, with several using Fairtrade cotton towels. We hope to repeat a wine-tasting in the spring of 2013.

Another new business is now supporting Fairtrade in Painswick.  The Patchwork Mouse, though just opened in April 2013 serves exclusively Fairtrade branded Arabica coffee, along with cakes, scone all baked by local artisans.  They are on the main A46 road through the centre of town  opposite the Painswick Pharmacy.

All in all for a small village we are an active community in supporting Fairtrade


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