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The Fairtrade Bournemouth campaign roots go back to February 2008, when Bournemouth Council became the first local authority in the UK to endorse the Earth Charter. In July 2011, building on this demonstration of the town’s commitment to sustainability and ecological integrity, the Bournemouth 2026 Earth Charter Leadership Group agreed that achieving Fairtrade Town status for Bournemouth would be a major milestone towards this. The Council consequently agreed to support this by becoming a Fairtrade Council sending a strong signal about its ethical and global intentions to the wider community.

Councillor David Smith, Cabinet portfolio holder and the Council’s elected member on SUSTAIN Bournemouth is pictured (photo far left) saying “We need to make sure that our campaign doesn’t shy away from the tough messages and issues behind Fairtrade and what it is working for”.

Following ‘World Fairtrade Day’ on 12th May 2012, Bournemouth Council’s Terrace Café has celebrated its own transition to a Fairtrade supplier. Now a wide range of Fairtrade products are available on site including tea, coffee, fresh juice, sugar and confectionary. Angela Pooley, Chair of SUSTAIN Bournemouth (photo far right), said “I see this as a positive action taken by Bournemouth Borough Council in conjunction with Mouchel which puts into practice the Council’s commitment to become a more sustainable and fairer borough.”

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