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Weymouth and Portland

Co-ordinator: Elisabeth Orrell

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Fairtrade Zone

The Weymouth and Portland Fairtrade Forum is a small but dedicated bunch of volunteers who came together in 2004 from various backgrounds but with a common goal of seeing Fairtrade and in particular Fairtrade products more widely bought and sold, used and recognised in the shops, schools, cafes, restaurants and hotels, churches and community groups of Weymouth and Portland.

Along the way, Weymouth and Portland achieved Fairtrade Zone status in March 2006, but the work isn’t over! Our town can trace its fair trade campaigning work back to the 19th century when Thomas Buxton, MP for Weymouth, took over the anti-slavery work of William Wilberforce after his death.

We like to think that we are continuing to carry the baton until the finish line is reached – a world free of slavery and unfair trade. We are a voluntary campaigning group – we do not buy or sell anything ourselves, we are not a business. Our aim is quite simply to promote and raise awareness of Fairtrade.

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