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Co-ordinator: Adam Davison

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Torbay first became a Fairtrade Borough Town in 2006. Gaining Fairtrade accreditation and successfully having it renewed in 2007 and 2015 is something the Fairtrade Torbay Steering Group continually works towards and is only given when a fair amount of criteria have been satisfied. It shows that a significant amount of establishments (businesses, cafes, shops, schools, churches, local groups, etc), are supporting Fairtrade. They do this by committing to selling, serving and/or using Fairtrade products. It shows that the Steering Group is active within the community, putting on events and raising awareness. This is great news and we are now able to promote and publicise our award and hopefully attract more interest in what Fairtrade is about and why it is important.

In December 2014 the Steering Group used Fairtrade products to decorate two trees which were displayed at Paignton Parish Church and Torre Church Torquay.

A successful launch of Fairtrade Fortnight took place at Paignton Zoo over the weekend of 21 and 22 February. The Steering Group was very grateful for the support of Sainsbury’s for donating bananas as giveaways.
As in previous years, Fairtrade Fortnight in February and March was used to ‘spread the word’ by having Paul Tiony, a Fairtrade tea grower from Kenya talk to pupils at local schools about the benefits of Fairtrade. He explained how being a member of an organisation of small-scale tea growers, who also own a tea factory in Kenya, supported by the Fairtrade Foundation has improved the life-style of both himself, his family and his fellow tea growers.

Paul Tiony also launched the Fairtrade Torbay smoothie maker bike at South Devon College where he talked to students from the Engineering department. The bike was made by the students  as a fun way of promoting Fairtrade fruit and opening the potential to generate funds to support promotional work in Torbay.

Throughout the year the Steering Group has invested in a folding gazebo, display material, water carriers, large flasks and badges which can be used at events.

If you are a local business, school, church or local group supporting Fairtrade by using or selling Fairtrade certified products, we can offer you a free online listing in the Torbay Fairtrade Directory.

The Steering Group will continue its efforts to increase support for Fairtrade, and ensure that Torbay retains its Fairtrade status in the future.

Some of the focus areas for the future are:
• To work with schools in Torbay to raise awareness of Fairtrade
• To expand the range of Fairtrade products that are available in local shops, cafes and restaurants.
• To encourage more local businesses to offer Fairtrade options to their staff and visitors
• To encourage local hotels and guesthouses to offer Fairtrade options to their guests
So please continue to support the efforts of the Steering Group to increase support for Fairtrade and ensure that Torbay retains its Fairtrade status in the future. You can do this by, whenever possible, buying Fairtrade goods from our local shops, and thereby helping people in other countries to obtain a better quality of life. If you would like to find out more, get involved in Torbay’s Fairtrade campaign or to register yourself as a Fairtrade outlet in the next directory, please get in touch via Facebook at

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A Taste of Fairtrade
Posted: 05/03/2012

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