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Minutes of meeting 19 June 2017
Date: 19/06/2017

PRESENT; Margaret, Graham, Pom, Kate and Sue.
APOLOGIES; Chrissy, Lyn and Bob
1.       We reviewed notes of our last meeting.
a)      Due to time constraints we didn’t do a quiz at Crockerne summer fair.
b)      We have kept contact with Sharps Business Systems and they have just agreed to be our flagship employer.
c)       Graham has been putting more on our Facebook page and we have over 50 followers so it is worth doing!
d)      Pill Baptists did run their Fairtrade Easter Egg hunt and had over 100 participants of which  about half were children. Sue has been in touch with them and we plan to work with them again next year
e)      No more news on the visit of a producer but Sue is in touch with the organiser so will feed back as soon as she can.
f)       Kate will follow up with WI re a date for a talk.
g)      Open Gardens was held and FT wine served to a large number in Lyn’s garden.
2.       Renewal of Fairtrade Village Status.
We agreed we want to do this, and used the framework of questions provided by the FT Foundation based on the 5 goals.
a)      Parish Council support. Kate will check that Resource Centre is still using FT tea and coffee and sugar. Once we have renewed we will re-make the signs for Parish Notice Boards.
b)      FT goods on sale in village plus business commitment. Graham will draft a letter to businesses for our next meeting encouraging them to support FT through their use of refreshments etc  Sharps may be able to help us penetrate a wider network and will help in FT Fortnight next year particularly on IT.
c)       Schools etc. Sue will contact June Chivers at Crockerne and see if we can get more of their “buy in” for next year. We could do a quiz again.Could St Kath’s catering students  do a cooking demo in FT Fortnight , maybe at The Leaf or elsewhere in the village?
d)      Future events. We will continue to support other groups like Christmas Lights, Art Show, Gardens, Easter event , Clifton Breakfast Club, and maybe the Rag with an activity for children on the Green (painting or making something for the village), and Graham will post on Facebook and the Daily Pill. Graham will also contact other FT groups in our wider area and see what they are doing and swap ideas .
e)      The steering group needs more new faces so please keep thinking about who you could ask!
f)       The renewal process is changing to an online version so Sue will see if we apply on the old forms or wait and ty the new online version.
Our next meeting will be on October 9th at 7.30

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