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International Fair Trade Towns Conference in Bristol!
Main Group
Date: 04/07/2015

Why come?
This is a fantastic opportunity for Fair Trade campaigners to meet others from across the world. There will be masses of ideas and resources to inspire you.

The Theme : Fair Trade for Sustainability
Bristol is European Green Capital in 2015; the Conference will focus on being green and being fair – how Fairtrade works to protect the environment, helps farmers adapt to the effects of climate change, and supports sustainable farming practices.

The Programme
Fairtrade Producers, companies and campaigners will present some key stories :

  • Fair Trade Standards and how they protect biodiversity and reduce waste, water use, carbon emissions and more
  • Climate change adaptation programmes in the Fair Trade movement
  • Fairtrade Gold and how they are working to eliminate poisonous chemicals such as mercury and cyanide from the process
  • How Fair Trade makes good business sense to all companies committed to green policies
  • Fair Trade in the UN Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals
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What is Fairtrade
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